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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

EMS Regulation changes in Missouri

The State Advisory Committee on EMS (SAC) started working with DHSS to review all the current EMS regulations in November 2017.  After some state leadership changes and some delays in the process, proposed amendments are being worked on by the EMS industry.   This is an informal process, separate from the official business that DHSS and the Secretary of State conduct, but this is the best and easiest way to engage and review regulations that were written in 1998--what should be updated, changed, added, dropped, re-worded to clarify, etc. 

To leave a comment, click ‘Subscribe to Forum’ then Topic, Last message, Replies.  Check back as more regulations will be added as they are available for comment.

Contact Mark Alexander Mark.Alexander@coxhealth.com or Jason White jason.white3254@gmail.com if you have questions on the revisions.

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