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Missouri Emergency Medical Services Association

MEMSA is a nonprofit, statewide, professional association committed to high quality emergency medical services across Missouri. 

Since 1983, MEMSA has provided leadership in education, training, and legislation. 

MEMSA provides a forum for EMS professionals to accomplish common goals that ensure quality EMS care is delivered statewide. MEMSA members are invited to be involved in collaborative efforts to achieve these and other goals.

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Frank Foster notification

We are sad to report that Frank Foster, EMS Attorney, passed away early August 14 at his home in Jefferson City.

Frank was well known in the EMS community since the 1970’s when he began working at the Missouri Bureau of EMS.  At that point the BEMS had a staff of 20-30 and Frank provided legal advice to the agency regarding regulations and contracts as well as legal support for many EMS agencies trying to navigate the new world of paramedics and emergency health care.

Frank worked with Dr. Frank Mitchell during the early days of developing the Trauma System in both law and regulation, he worked with Ken Cole (long time Director of the BEMS) concerning the development of the ambulance district laws and early licensure regulations, and he drafted the legislation that allowed paramedics to provide patient care through standing protocols instead of the long practice of calling the local hospital for orders to start an IV or administer some medications.

After Frank left the DHSS, he took up private practice serving ambulance services, fire departments, and 911 agencies.

His practice was based upon an annual retainer that made access to his expertise affordable, but Frank did not work for money, he enjoyed being part of the EMS community and he relished being part of the effort to make it successful.

Frank also was active with the various state EMS associations and worked tirelessly to assist with their success.  This meant a lot of pro-bono service drafting legislation.

It is hard to find any section in Chapter 190 in the Missouri statutes which does not have Frank’s influence.

Frank will be cremated and there will be a private family service in a few weeks.

There are tentative plans to recognize Frank at the September 27th meeting of the State Advisory Council on Emergency Medical Services which is both in-person and virtual allowing the many EMS agencies that benefited from Frank’s  legal services to participate.

Frank’s family is currently trying to determine what transition plan he had for his legal clients.  We expect to know more in the next couple of days.  Once we have word from Frank’s family about the disposition of his legal firm we will convey that information.

New Career Center Launched

MEMSA is proud to announce the launch of its new Career Center!
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